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Sreepriya M MAug. 28, 2019

Payroll Software In Business

payroll software

Any business that has more than one employee must have a payroll system. Paying employees consistently and with no delays not only impacts their morale, but it also reflects the company’s financial stability. Maintaining payroll software in business is of high advantage to the employees. Moreover, it is a requirement for compliance with federal and state laws. The payroll management process refers to the administration of an employee’s financial records which includes the salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. These records should maintained and kept by the employer for federal requirements, especially when it pertains to payroll taxes such as Income Tax Withholding Records, Social Security (FICA) Records and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Records.

5 reasons to use a payroll system

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  • It is time-saving:

    Every businesses spends 80 hours on managing federal taxes including employment taxes. This is equivalent to two weeks worth of full-time work. Calculating the payroll may seem as straightforward as adding up a number of hours worked with the employee’s rate.However, taking into account factors such as vacation leaves, overtime, and benefits makes it complicated. Moreover, the federal taxes with its  requirements have to apply in every payroll. Hence, its efficient to include payroll software in business.

  • It maintain payroll information:

    Federal, state and local laws are implemented when paying employees with their compensation and deductions. This information must kept for each employee in accuracy of computation. Many payroll packages have customizable payroll modules that maintain these data. It eliminates the need for consulting various data sources as all information is compiled in one place.

  • It is cost-effective:

    Most payroll software in business are cloud-based solutions hence you will only have to subscribe to the service in order to use it. Additionally, its upgrades are provided automatically in most cases. And, there is no need for investing in hardware such as servers and physical software packages.

  • It is secure:

    The security standards of a payroll software are solid. The confidential employee data implemented by ensuring tight controls. That is, specific access codes and administrative rights are only provided to the appropriate users to gain entry in the system.

  • It optimizes the process:

    Repeating payroll tasks lead to boredom and can result in human errors. Computers mitigate this issue and guarantee payment information is accurate. In addition, these data should archived in the online database. If your computer breaks down you won’t risk losing all your data because you can still access it on other platforms as long as you have your login details.


Payroll software is a type of software that assists with compensating employees for time worked. This software can be purchased from a HR software vendor or can be included as part of HR software package as a module within a comprehensive system. Basically, payroll software helps with calculating paychecks from hours logged in time and attendance tracking system. The software then draws paychecks or direct deposits funds into employees accounts. Taxes and deductions become calculated and withheld by payroll programs.

Importance Of Payroll software in business

If payroll was done manually, the automating systems investing in payroll software can help save labor dollars, eliminate errors and avoid compliance issues. Processes can be completed in a fraction of the time, which frees employees up for activities that are more conducive to generating revenue. Having payroll software in place can also help to make it easier for a company to adapt and take on more employees as it grows.

  • Calculates Deductions and Net income

After the gross income was determined, payroll software automatically calculates deductions such as federal, state, local taxes, insurance and retirement savings. Deduction amounts should be automatically lessen. A check will be draw or directly deposit to a specific bank account.

  • Prepares Tax Forms

Payroll software in business can automatically generate all tax forms needed by employees, contractors, and companies. Common tax forms can generated and printed or sent with the push of a button. Payroll software helps to relieve some of the stress at tax.

  • Keeps Records Effortlessly

Keeping records with a manual system can be difficult and requires a lot of space for files and paperwork. Keeping records with payroll software is effortless. It requires no physical space, as all files  stored electronically. Old files can also accessed or deleted with the push of a button, so staying organized is simple.

  • Determine Company Needs

Not all payroll software is exactly the same. So, company should get access before vendor information shall research and review. Companies that are smaller and do not expect to grow rapidly may wish to invest in less expensive payroll software. That is , limited strictly to payroll functions.

Companies that are growing rapidly wish to invest in payroll software systems that can integrate with other aspects of planning and human resource management. It is also important to consider how many employees a payroll software solution can handle and factor.

  • Employee Self-Service

While not generally needed for smaller companies, employee self service option can make life much easier for human resources managers in larger companies. With self-service options, employees have access to personal information regarding pay history, deductions, hours worked, benefits, and time off requests.

With self-service options, employees can automatically request changes and review information instead of having to contact the human resources department. Thereby, employees can also keep better track of their hours versus pay using self-service, which may help with spotting errors.


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