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Website Creation In Odoo


Neenu RobinNov. 24, 2019

Odoo Website Development

Living in the digital world website is now a necessity for all business firms regardless of their size. Website increase visibility of your business and provides a lot of sale opportunities. Even if people have heard about your company, they may want to carry out research online first. Websites usually provide a map and directions to company’s shops or offices, for visitors to less likely have trouble finding your location. Another important reason why having a website to represent your business is to give you credibility. Odoo provides Website App which helps in the building and development of  your website easily.

Odoo website builder comes with the most advanced and also robust feature that any business look to start their online front. With the support of E-commerce app you can easily set up an E-commerce store and also sell products online. Here you will clearly understand the odoo website creation (development) very well.

For odoo website creation, install the website app from Odoo Apps.

Apps → Website → Install


Odoo have a lot of inbuilt themes for the website. After we install the Website App we can choose a theme for our website.


Once the theme is ready our basic website will be ready. Odoo also allows to Click and then change content directly from the front-end: no complex back end to deal with.


Select the edit button. A lot of tools and designs to customize your website will be available in odoo. We can simply drag and drop pre-made, fully customizable building blocks.

Adding Pages to odoo website

By default Odoo set up Home and Contact Us page based on the details we have provided in the Company settings.

To add more pages, Select New button and then choose the Add page option.

New → New Page


Enter the page title and then select continue button. A new web page will be created.



Menu Management

To change Website Menu settings, select the Edit Menu from the Pages option.

Website → Pages → Edit Menu


Select the ‘Add menu entry’ option. Enter the menu name and URL and then click the Save button. A new page will be created without any delays.


We can see the new page listed under the main menu.


Creation of Sub Menu

To create sub menu for a main menu select the edit menu option, simply drag the sub menu to the right of the main menu.



Page Management

Manage Pages under the Page button helps to manage page easily.

Pages → Manage page



The manage page button give all details about the page.



SEO for the Page

Under the Promote button there is an option for page SEO and also to track the page options. SEO helps to give more visibility to the page thereby increases website traffic. Track this page helps to find the number of visitors of the page.

Promote → Optimize SEO

seo-pg odoo website

optimize-seo odoo website

Multi Websites

Odoo allows to Publish several websites with their own URL, layout and also content (pages, products, blogs, events, jobs, etc.). This opens up wide possibilities of diversification and customer segmentation for your business.

Website Translation

Website module allows to translate your website to other languages. At the base of the website there is also an option to add other languages.

add-lng odoo website

Select the Add language.

load-lng odoo website

Select the load button. Website will be translated to Arabic Language.

Ecommerce with Odoo Website

Installing Ecommerce App with Odoo Website helps to set up an online store. After installing E-commerce App a shop page will be created and also our products will be listed.

install-ecommerce-app odoo website



Mobile Preview

Website also allows us to see the mobile preview of our web pages.

odoo website

odoo websitemobile-preview

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