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Unit Of Measures, Packages And Packing In Odoo 12


Neenu RobinOct. 28, 2019

Inventory management is important for businesses of any size. It is normal in business to purchase product in one unit of measure, keep it in stock in another unit of measure and also to sell the product with a new unit of measure. There are some cases where we cannot avoid the use of multiple UoM for single product. Like, if you buy products in a country where the metric system is of application and sell in a country where the imperial system is in use, you will need to convert the units. Sometimes purchase should be done in bulk quantities to get some price benefits and sell the products in single units. Odoo Inventory Management module comes up with efficient ways to manage multiple units of measures for a single product. Let’s see how Odoo 12 manages different unit of measure for single products.

Enabling Multiple Units of Measure

To manage different units of measures for a product, first enable the Units of Measure feature under the configuration of Odoo Inventory.

Inventory → Configuration → Settings → Enable Units of measure.

unit of measure-enable


unit of measure-sell

Odoo one can handle different units of measures b


Unit of Measure categories

In Odoo, every unit of measure falls under a UoM category. UoM categories can be seen under Configuration of Inventory.

Inventory → Configuration → UoM Categories→ Create


User can create their own UoM categories.

unit of measure-new

Once the new UoM category is form, you can see it in the UoM category list.

unit of measure-category-list


Creation of a new unit of measure

Uom is available under the Configuration of Inventory.

Inventory → Configuration → UoM → Create

unit of measure-config

Enter the name of new UoM, its category and type.

unit of measure-config-name

There are 3 types for each unit of measure:

  • Bigger than the reference unit of measure.
  • Refer Unit of measure for this category.
  • Smaller than the reference unit of measure.

unit of measure-types

Here I am creating a UoM ‘BOX’ under the category Unit. Every BOX contain 30 unit of a Product.

So here the Type is ‘Bigger than the reference Unit of Measure’.

unit of measure-BOX

If the Type is ‘Bigger than the reference Unit of Measure’ or ‘Smaller than the Unit of Measure’, then a new Ratio field will appear. Ratio field is to show how many times the new unit of measure is bigger or smaller than the reference unit of measure in this category.

1 BOX = 30 * Unit

Rounding Precision is to round the computed quantity. For UoM like Kg, Litre(s) we can set the rounding precision. If the rounding precision is 0.100, the the second digit will be round. Like if the purchase quantity of sugar is 5.35kg, then the quantity will be round automatically to 5.4Kg.

In Odoo, for Unit of measures which cannot be further split like Piece, unit Rounding precision should be 1.



BOX image

While creating a product, we can set the purchase UoM and the sale UoM for the product.


With this feature Odoo allows to Purchase and sale a product in different UoM.

Packaging in Odoo

Packaging is the physical container that protects your product.To enable packaging go to settings under the configuration of inventory.

Inventory → Configurations → Settings → Enable Product Packagings


Creation of Packaging for a Product

To create a package for a product, select product packaging's from the configuration of inventory.

Inventory → Configuration → Product Packagings → Create


Here I create a product package ‘ Cable Box_6’ for product cable containing 6 units of cable.


You can see the product package you created under the Inventory tab of the Product cable.


When we are creating a sales order for the product, there is a field to select the package.


If the Ordered Quantity is less than the quantity in the Odoo shows a warning message.


Odoo Packages

In Odoo, the package is the physical container in which you put one or several product and track them. To enable package in Odoo, enable Delivery packages under the configuration of Inventory.

Inventory → Configuration → Settings → Enable Delivery Packages


When a sales order is confirmed and delivery is getting processed, Odoo Packages allows us to pack several products in one package or in different packages.


Here you can see a DO (Delivery Order). Once the quantities are done, we can select the put in pack button.put-in-pack

A new button with Packages will appear on the delivery order.


At any time we can track the status of the package. If we Click on the packages button we can see the package transfer and its status.



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