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Theme Installation in Moodle


Abhishek M.SNov. 17, 2016

A theme can totally change the look and feel of the site. A Moodle theme enables the user to change the look and feel of a Moodle site. It is possible to apply themes on the site, category, and course by clients with consents to do as such. Usually themes are using for the devices such as, cell phones or tablets. This blog explains how to install the theme in Moodle. Following are the steps for Theme Installation in Moodle:

Step 1: First, download the appropriate theme from " list=category&id=3"

Step 2: Extract to its own named folder and upload into the /theme folder of your Moodle installation.

eg:    C:\wamp\www\moodle\theme

Step 3: Go to Site administration > Notifications to see if the new theme requires any decisions or updating of Moodle code.

Step 4: Now we you can select the theme.
Open Settings > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme Selector link

Step5: Click on "Clear theme caches" button


Step 6: Click on the "Select theme" button on the right of the current theme being used for the device.

Step 7: Scroll down to find the theme you wish to use.
Click the "Use theme" button next to that theme.

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