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Sub Tasks in Odoo


Muhammed NabeelFeb. 11, 2019

Dividing large tasks into sub tasks is really an effective way to do a task. An option like sub tasks in Odoo gives simplicity and avoid difficulties. For our simplicity, we can divide a large task into a collection of small sub tasks. As we know every system have a project management. Sub-Tasks in Project is a very useful module in Odoo project management. In Odoo, there is a useful module for project management. It is one of the most useful and popular modules. However, presently, Odoo has no sub-task feature in Project Module. It is easy to create sub tasks for a large task in Odoo. Let's have a look..

 Project>Settings>Enable the sub-tasks:

Enable the sub-tasks

Now we create sub tasks by selecting a project:

Select Project

Then select a task that we want to split from tasks:

select a task

Making SRS

Then assign sub tasks for the selected task:

assign sub-tasks for the selected task

Information gathering


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