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Social Signals-Google's Ranking Factor

Social Signals

Varsha SureshFeb. 19, 2020

Are Social Signals One of Google’s Ranking Factors?

Social media has become an integral part of online life and has completely changed the way we communicate and make decisions. Social medias are becoming the best way for businesses to rank at the top of search engine results through customer feedback known as social signals. The social signals are the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites. These activities contribute to a page's organic search ranking. The main aim of search engines are to deliver high quality, relevant content to users. A good social signal will contribute highly to its URL value. Therefore, social signals in SEO is a necessary factor.

The best way of ranking our website is by Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps in ranking the website in search engines organically. There are many SEO company present today. But all of them cannot ensure maximum result. To choose the best SEO company is a crucial factor. Even the best SEO company relies on social medias to improve their ranking of website in search engines in which, the social signals play an important role.

As the number of likes and shares taking place in social medias are increasing day by day, these social signals become important to Search Engine Optimization. When the content we share is highly relevant, then obviously the number of likes and shares will increase. And it also indicates that the account or page is also relevant. Any thing that we do to increase the social media engagement will also increase the websites search engine ranking. That is, social signals are co-related with SEO.

Social Signals In SEO

Develop quality content marketing

Developing a strong content marketing strategy will enable you to strengthen your social media presence, which will in turn improve your rankings.

Drive traffic to site

By spending most of the time in social media by sharing and liking and if the content is highly relevant, it will obviously increase the googles ranking.

Increase quality of website

The more social media links your SEO - based content has, more credibility it provides for search engines. The number of shares and likes can increase the quality of the SEO content.

Building up brand awareness through social profiles

Social medias contribute a lot to branding. Similarly, they also boost SEO. Social profiles can help to attract potential customers, who in turn get attracted with your brand.

Increase social following

To simply grow followers is of no use. The followers must be loyal to you. To get such followers, even though it is slow, it is much effective. Providing value to your users will get them engaged with the greater cause of your business and consequently increase website traffic in the process.

Getting more customers via social media interaction

Social medias are the best place to interact with people at present days. So, if you wish to conduct a marketing research, survey your audience, or engage with your audience in any other way there is no place like social platforms. Obviously, the customers approach towards us increases.

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