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Sell Events Tickets On Website In Odoo


Muhammed NabeelNov. 22, 2018

Sell event tickets online in Odoo is a section under Odoo event management. Odoo is the Best platform to sell events tickets online. Odoo Manage registration of event and online ticket deals. The best thing about using sites to sell event tickets online is that you don't need to stress over the installment portals majority of these sites which offers the service to sell your tickets online offer a range of installments including PayPal or specifically into your bank account. We can sell events tickets online and promote our events very easily.

For this purpose, first, install the Website Builder module from apps:


Next, add the Online Events module to the website builder:

Online Events module

Then go to Events and create an event then publish it on the website. For online registration and Ticket booking, we have to enable some properties in the events settings.

Go to Events>Configuration>Settings>Registration:

enable properties

Then enable the features Tickets and Online Ticketing to sell events tickets online .

After this create an Event by giving all the required details:


While creating the events make sure that it is published on the website. Then go to the Website and take the events, there we can see the events that we are created:


By clicking on the event, we will get detailed information about the event:


From there, we can Register and book our Tickets:


In Order to complete our registration we have to specify our Name, Email and

The phone number which is optional. Then check the address and click confirm:



So this is how we can use odoo as event management software. We can plan the events and registrations in a single window and sell event tickets online in Odoo.


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