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Sales Pricelists in Odoo


Muhamed YasirDec. 28, 2016

Pricelist is the list of costs for various products by customer and supplier.  Odoo supports the sales and purchase pricelists usefulness. So we can apply pricelists for an customer, merchant, and products. Sales Pricelists in Odoo is of 3 types. Which are below:

  1. A single sale price per product.
  2. Different prices per customer segment.
  3. Advanced pricing based on formula.

3types of Sales Pricelists in Odoo 9



Single sale price per product

A single sale price will be defined in product form and that will be used for all sales.

single sale price per product, a type of pricing


Different prices per customer segment

we can create different price list for each customers.

Step 1: Create a price list.

Sales > Configuration >Pricelists >pricelist

Different prices per customer segment


Step 2: Add price list and price in product form.

Add price list and price in product form


Step 3: Assign the price list to customer.

 Assign the price list to customer


If you select the customer in Quotation or sales whose price list is different (above screenshot) from normal will have different price.

price list is different for quotation -sales order


Advanced pricing based on formula

Step 1: Select sales menu > Settings > Sale price > Select "Advanced pricing based on formula" > Apply.

Step 2: Create price list based on formula.

pricelist-based-on-formula in Advanced pricing








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