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Sales Management in Odoo 12


Abhishek M.SMarch 30, 2019

Sales Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. Sales Management in Odoo having an odoo sales module. This module allow you to manage and classify your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system. Sales management module is one of the important module in Odoo and also it is an easy quotation software. Sales Management in Odoo control your entire Sales department in a single screen. The following blog explains about the Sales Management in Odoo 12.

First install Sales module from Apps.

Settings ->Activate developer mode ->Apps -> Search Sales module ->Click Install.

Install Sales module from Apps as the part of Sales Management in Odoo 12


We can see the Sales in the list. While clicking on it, we can see it as shown below:-

On the first page you can see the Configuration Bar i.e., located at the centre which you can configure your data and you can see the menus like Order, Invoice, Products, Reporting, Configuration.

List of sails

Create quotation

Click on Create button.

Create quotation as part of Sales Management

Enter the data and click save button. Then click confirm.

 Providing confirmation for quotation

Quotation confirmation in Sales Management in Odoo

To create invoice

Click on Create Invoice button.

create invoice

Here we have an option to change the invoice creation before delivering or after.

To create invoice before delivery, we need to go to the product form and change the invoicing policy option to ordered quantities.

Option to change the invoice creation before delivering or after

Then click Create and View Invoices you can see like invoice created as shown in figure below:

View of Invoices in Sales Management in Odoo

Then Validate invoice.

Sales Analysis (Reporting)

In Graph view.

Validate invoice in Sales Management in Odoo

In Pivot view.

Pivot view of invoice in Sales Management in Odoo

Obviously sales management is very easy to use and allows with effective control to sales department, can easily create a new sale order and can filter the order as per the requirement.


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