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Sales and Purchase in Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13

Sales and Purchase in Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13

Muhammed AliOct. 26, 2019

Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13 Sales & Purchase

We know that Sales and Purchase management modules are the important modules in Odoo. These modules allows to control the sales and purchase department very easily and we can manage our sales and purchase objectives easily from quotations to products delivery and invoicing. The new version of odoo brings many new features in addition to Odoo 12 that can extend the functionality of any business industry. Here the blog explains about the features of sales and purchase module in Odoo 12 and Odoo 13.

Sales in Odoo 12 and odoo 13

To install the sales module goto Apps, select Sales and click install. By selecting ‘ Sales ’ from the menus we will get a screen of sales quotations list view. The configuration panel and menu bar of sale management module in both versions are same. From the configuration panel we can configure the company data, quotation layout and payment method. In Odoo 13, there is a button add in order to export datas. By clicking this button we will get an excel sheet of the sales quotations list view. The activity icon and view is also changed in Odoo 13.

To configure sales in Odoo 13

Activity icon in Odoo13

In Odoo 13, we can also customize the font and colors of the quotation layout.

Quotation layout configure in Odoo 13


Sales in Odoo 12

Sales in Odoo 12

The new calculator widget in Odoo 13 helps to perform the arithmetic operations for order lines in the sales order and purchase order.

For Example; the field- ‘Unit Price ’ would represent the total cost by summing up the individual inputs of the user.

Calculator widget in Odoo 13

Smart Buttons View Of Odoo 12

Odoo 13 Smart buttons view

Smart buttons position is changed to the top of the from view in Odoo 13 .

Smart buttons position change in Odoo 13

The smart button named ‘Customer Preview ’ shows a preview of the customer portal.

Customer Preview

We can see a new tab in sale order named Customer Signature. This is a new feature in sale module.
Here we can add the customer signature.

Odoo 13 Customer Signature

In Odoo 13, we can add and remove some fields from the order lines. Here we can see the description field in order lines by disabling description from the menu which can be seen by clicking the ellipsis icon near to the subtotal field.

Add or remove fields

Order line

Then in the settings, enable the product configurator to select product attributes and optional products from the sales order. If we do any changes in settings, we can see a label as Unsaved changes.

Product configurator

After enabling product configurator, create a sale order and select a product. Now we can see a popup to select attributes of the product such as legs, color etc. Also we can add the quantity from here.

Enable product configurator

After selecting attributes click add button. Now we can see another popup. From here we can select and add the available optional products.

Click add button

In Odoo 12, the sales coupons and promotions module is in enterprise edition. But in odoo 13 this module moved from enterprise to community edition. So promoting and providing discounts on the store is now easier with the new feature.

To get this feature enable the Coupons and Promotions from the settings:

Coupons and Promotions in Odoo 13

Now we can see Promotion programs and Coupon programs menus under the products menu.

Promotion programs and Coupon programs

By clicking promotion programs and coupon programs we can add promotions and coupons.


To add promotion programs in Odoo 13

Promotion programs in Odoo 13


 Coupon programs in Odoo 13

From here we can generate coupon by clicking ‘Generate Coupon ’ button.

Generate Coupon

Select Coupon Generation type and add number of coupons here. Then click generate button:

Generate coupon

Now we can see the number of generated coupons. By clicking the smart button we can see the generated coupons.

Coupon Generation type

Generated coupons

We can also see two buttons in the sale order to add promotion and coupons. Click the coupon button to add coupon for the sale order and click promotions button for promotions.

Number of Generated coupons

Enter the code from the generated coupon.

Coupon button

Click Apply button to apply the coupon.

Odoo 13 Enter code

Now we can see the discount lines in the sale order line, and the discount amount is reduced from the total amount.

Apply button

Invoicing a sales order is now easier: better wording, option to deduct down payments only appears if needed.

Discount line in Odoo

The paid invoices are now shows with a ribbon.

Invoicing sales order

Analysis report of Odoo 12

Odoo Sales analysis

Analysis report of Odoo 13

Analysis of sales

Purchase in Odoo 12 and 13

To install the purchase module goto Apps, select Purchase and click install. By selecting ‘Purchase’ from the menus we will get a screen of quotations list view.

Purchase in Odoo 12

Odoo Purchase

Purchase order Odoo 12

In Odoo 13, the Purchase menu is changed to Orders and Control menu is removed. Products menu and Product variants menu is removed from the Purchase menu and added a new menu as Products.

Odoo 13 purchase menu

Odoo 13 control menu

The menu Vendor price list is moved from purchase menu to configuration menu.

Odoo 13 vendor price

The new feature in the purchase module is that we can add several variants to the purchase order from a grid. To get this feature enable ‘Variant Grid Entry ’ from configurations.

Add variants in Odoo 13

After enabling variant grid entry, create a purchase order and select a product. Then we can see a popup with the product variants. From here we can add the variant quantities.

Product variant in Odoo 13

After adding the quantity click Confirm button. Then the products will be add on to the purchase order line.

purchase order line

The new functionalities and new features of sale and purchase management modules in Odoo 13 will help for better design and customization options for users and developers.




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