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Salary structure in odoo

Salary structure in odoo

AdhithJuly 7, 2019

The HR and payroll

The human resource department manages people within the organization aims to bring out the best in employees. Moreover, human resource management aims to the success of an organization. Payroll refers to the process by which employees receive their salary. Functions involve balancing and reconciling payroll data and depositing and reporting taxes...etc. And the blog explains you, how to manage the Salary structure in odoo with the payroll management of odoo.

The salary structure is the record of set of rules. It includes with one or more salary rules which helps to calculate salary during payroll generation process. Odoo Payroll management supports to generate pay slip individually or employee category wise or as employees batches.

Many payroll activities are related to human resource department, like recruitment, salary increases, bonus payments, benefit deductions, vacation leaves and firing employees....etc

Moreover, in odoo payroll is close related to the hr department, in odoo 11 payroll is not installed by default when installing employee module(hr).

That is to say, we need to install the payroll module separately after installing the employee module .

To install the payroll module search in the module section:

Payroll in odoo

Salary structure

Firstly, let's talk about what is salary structure. Salary structure is the detailed description of salary, it refers to the total salary package of employee

Salaries paid by organizations to their employees in exchange for the services. The salary paid to employees comprises of a number of different components, such as basic salary, allowance, perquisites, etc.

In odoo 11 salary structure is contained within the payroll module,

before defining the salary structure we need to define the salary rules, you can define the rules regarding the salary within the salary rule. To define salary rules:

Salary rules

payroll->Configuration->salary rules

Salary rule in odoo

  • name is name of salary rule
  • code must be a unique value
  • category is the category that consists of the rule that is defining
  • The sequence is an integer value, sequence defined on a rule calculating the Gross should always greater than the sequence's given on Allowance's rules

Salary rule category

You can define the salary rule category by payroll->Configuration->salary rule categories

Salary rule category in odoo

  • Name defines the name of category
  • Code must be a unique value
  • Parent used to create hierarchy for reporting purpose.

Salary structure

if you already have a salary rule then you can define the salary structure by

Salary Structure In Odoo

  • name is the name of salary structure
  • reference must be a unique value
  • parent defines the structure whose rules you want to define
  • salary rules are the rules regarding the salary, you can either chose or create salary rules

In short, hope you understood the Salary structure and the related rules in odoo very well.


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