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Repair Management In ODOO

Repair Management In ODOO

Neenu RobinSept. 15, 2019

Repair Management

Repair Management Module in Odoo allows you to manage your products after sale services, removal and replacement of parts in products. Using this module we can prepare quotations for repairs/services. Based on the warranty period invoices can be generate. This module enables us to track the status of repairs. Inventory movements will be generate automatically on the basis of each repair.

Quotation Generation for Repair Management

To generate quotation for repairs, select Repair app from the App list and select the Create Button.


Enter the product to repair and the quantity. Location field will show the current location of the product to repair. Enter the lot or serial number of the product to repair. Invoice Method field have 3 options.

  1. No Invoice
  2. After Repair
  3. Before Repair

’No Invoice’ option will be select if the product is under warranty period. And the services will not be charge. But if the requirement is for addition of new parts, then invoice can be generate.



Add / Remove Parts

Under the ‘parts’ tab enter the parts in the product which needs to be add, remove or replace. Source and destination location in the parts tab shows the location of the parts to be remove or add.

The default destination location for the part to be remove is scrap. So, if the part is re-usable we can change the location to stock.

For an example, I am going to remove keyboard and mouse from the product and replacing it by adding USB keyboard and mouse combo.

Invoicing method selected is After repair.


If the repair quotation is approve, then confirm the repair by selecting the ‘confirm Repair’ button.


Once the quotation is confirm, start repair by clicking ‘Start repair’ button. The status will change to ‘Under Repair’. Once the repair is complete click the ‘End Repair’ button. The status will be changed to ‘To be Invoiced’ and then we can generate the invoice.

Inventory will automatically update once the repair is did.

In the above example, the destination location for mouse is “Virtual location scrapped”.


We can see in the above picture that there is 1 unit of measure at Virtual Location Scrapped. Reference is odoo Repair Management Document RMA00013.


Addition of services

To add any services to repair quotation, add it under the ‘Operations’ tab.


On the basis of warranty period we service the invoice.


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