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Project Timesheet in Odoo

Project Timesheet in Odoo

Muhammed NabeelNov. 15, 2018

The project management is the planning, arranging and dealing with the effort to achieve an effective task. A task is a one-time movement that creates a particular yield as well as a result. Odoo's Project Management App will assist you in managing plenty of projects with individuals working far and wide. Utilizing this, you can productively oversee tasks for client projects just as our help issues progressively, social and adaptable way. Project Timesheet in Odoo is a useful feature for all the business. Each employee can record their day by day works on time sheets. Each employee can encode and follow their time spent on the diverse assignments and furthermore, this encourages the entire group to analyze the absolute time spent for that specific task and also compute the rest of the days to finish the work.

The users can create a time schedule for each task or sub-tasks in projects. This can be done easily in Odoo by using the Timesheet module.

While analyzing the timesheet, the end user gets to know about billable hours, billable amount, unvoiced amount and so forth. To enable this property, go to Apps and install the Timesheets module.

Install Timesheets module for creating Project Timesheet in Odoo

We also have another way to add Timesheets, Project>Settings:

In Time Management enable the Timesheets

Enable the Timesheet in Time management

In order to give time schedule, go to Projects>Tasks:

Then select a Task and Edit its property, There we can see a portion to add the  Timesheet. In that, we can add desired time schedule to a specific portion of our project. We can also see the progress of our project and the initial and remaining hours for that task:

Option to add the  Timesheet

The same things can be done in sub-tasks:

Option to add the  Timesheet in subtasks

If you want to see all the time sheets given to the projects together then go to Timesheets>MyTimesheets:

View of all the time sheets

Odoo the project management erp helps to maintain the timesheet of project members effectively. This helps to plan the further projects without much barrier.

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