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Project Privacy in Odoo


Muhammed NabeelFeb. 12, 2019

For project development, many documents and sample data is collected from the customer, and this information may be important to the customer’s business. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to secure this data from unauthorized access. Thus, Odoo gives a good project privacy policy in project management. Privacy in Odoo Project Management provide safety for the customer data and exist the trust towards the business. This privacy defined in,


Then select the project and edit its property, There we can see three different types of privacy

Privacy in Odoo Project Management

  1. On invitation only
  2. Visible by all employees
  3. Visible by following customers

1.On invitation only:

The employees can only see the Projects, Tasks, and Issues only through the invitation.

2.Visible by all employees:

Employees can see all the projects, tasks and issues without any restrictions.

3.Visible by following customers:

Employees can see everything and also some customers who follow them also can see the project's details.