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Product Packages in Odoo

Product Packages in Odoo

AsrayaDec. 7, 2018

What is Product package

Firstly, let's see what is product package. Package is the physical container or wrapper which contain one or several products. The primary goal of packaging is to protect the product and to attract the customers by first look. After production we need to make them into bundles. Every bundle ought to have a label with barcode, unique number and Quantity. Customers will order a specific number of products we need to deliver  items with relating bundles.

Product Packages in Odoo

Odoo is an all in one suit of business applications including CRM, Sales, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Financial management and Manufacturing. Similarly, Odoo Inventory Management module is superb for many reasons. Because, the functional rich Inventory module comes along with ample features like product variants, Reordering Rules, Packages, Reporting, warehouse management, Attribute values, Product packages etc..

Odoo offers packaging concept for symbolic purpose. Once you activate the option you will be able to use it for several transactions. Which is easy to manage products in packs. Moreover, Odoo allows user to configure the pack product as collection of other products. User can display pack product in sales order as well as Invoice Report. Item pack module is helpful for merchants, to offer items in blends.   In Odoo we can put different sale orders in a different or single pack at the time of delivery from the inventory. To build item deal, vendors make pack items to offer one item with another. Merchant denotes a decreased cost for a pack item contrasted with the entirety of their different buy costs. It's essentially about bundling a few correlative products together into one deal with a reduced price contrasted with getting them independently.

How to create product packages in odoo?

For creating product packages go to Inventory > Configuration > Settings

Tick the product packages under products > Save.

creating the product packages in odoo

Then you can start creating product packages in Odoo, for that

Go to Inventory > Configuration > Products > Product Packages > Create.

creating packages for generating Product Packages in Odoo

Enter the information's such as Package Type, Product, Quantity Per Package and Barcode > Click on Save button

Entering the relevant information's.

Go to Sales > Product Variants under Catalog. Select the item which you have created package. Click on inventory. You can able to see the packaging information is added automatically with the Product Variants.

View of packaging information

Let’s see how the Product Package will function with Sales Order.

Go to Sales > Orders > Create.

Enter all the details such as Customer, Invoice Address, Delivery Address.

Click on Add an Item, and add the product name which you have created the package. Then the package field will appear. You can choose the package type, also enter the Ordered Quantity (Always be the multiples of Quantities per Package) and Devilery Lead Time.

Click on Save & Close button.

Product Package functions with Sales Order

Enter details


Saving Product Package which function with Sales Order.

This is how you can create Sales Orders for Product Package.


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