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Product Configurator in Odoo 13

Product Configurator in Odoo 13

Anjali AjithMarch 25, 2020

Product Configurator in Odoo 13

Odoo 13 Product configurator helps the selection of the products from the variants in an easy way. Odoo 13 provides the product configuration option to use this feature.This actually helps saving time, in selecting the variants. Configuration is now advanced with the introduction of Odoo 13. Here let's know about Odoo 13 Product Configurator in detail.

  •  In sales module, go to Configuration -->Settings--> Product Configurator

Tick the check box against the Product Configurator.

Product configuration in odoo 13

In products you can either create a product with variants or can either add variants to some existing products.

Here the product name as Acoustic Bloc Screens has 1 attribute with 2 values .So a total of 1*2 variants create in total.

Product Configuration in Odoo 13

Lets do a sale and see how product configurator works.

  • In sales module, create a quotation

Orders--> Quotation-->Create the Configuration of Product in Odoo 13

Select a product with any variants ,suppose we choose the product just created earlier

Up on selecting the product , a wizard appears to select between the variants and quantity.

After selection hit Add

         The sales order will appear like this .

The configurations of  a product  to identify it from others. When we get the information about the product attribute then we can use the right thing which we need to select. The configuration was not easy for one of our clients but as a Best Odoo ERP Service Provider we choose the task and take the risk of that . We made the arrangements and categorize them with proper manner and  then show to the client. He shows an interest in it. Then we started to continue that. Now we have clients all over the world.

Therefore, the Odoo helps in production purpose, Manufacturing functions make an easy path for access. The product configuration is a useful thing to maintain a categorization to pick up the right one. The functions of each product is to differentiate it with one another.


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