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Pro-Forma Invoices in Odoo 13

Pro-Forma Invoices in Odoo 13

ajay krishnaApril 17, 2020

Pro-Forma Invoices in Odoo 13 is an estimate Invoice sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It states a commitment of the seller to deliver the products or services  to the buyer for a specific price. They are differ from a normal invoice it is not a demand or request for payment. A Pro-forma invoice is used to place a document to a customer for products or services that are yet to deliver from your side. We can send Pro-Forma invoices simply in Odoo13.

If we want to send a sale order then Create Pro-Forma invoice to the customer then first activate the Pro-Forma invoice feature in the Sale settings.

Odoo 13 Pro-Forma Invoices


Activate the Pro-Forma Invoice option in the Quotations & Orders menu. Then Save-> the settings.

Go to the Orders->Sale Orders-> window to create a new sale order in  Pro-forma Invoices in Odoo 13.

pre forma in Odoo 13

Select the Create-> button then you will get a new window.

Enter the details:

  • Customer name
  • Invoice Address
  •  Delivery Address                
  • Expiration date               
  • Payment terms

And add the Product and enter the Quantity then click Save-> to save the order and select the Send Pro-Forma Invoice-> to send the invoice to the customer.

Then a mailing window will appear on the screen.

Pro-forma Invoices in Odoo 13

It contains the recipients as customer,and a file attach on the  mail that is our Pro-Forma Invoice.

Click to send the mail to the customer.If we want to see that invoice click on that attachment.

Pro-forma Invoices in Odoo 13

                               Then we can see the Pro-Forma Invoice.

As a Best Odoo ERP Service Provider and Implementation Partner we know how to make an effective way to create an Advanced estimated Invoice in Odoo 13 to make the business effective.Moreover, the process is to ensure that the invoices use  to produce invoice to customer when the time of Purchases,Sales,Import and Export.To get an advance invoice to submit to the customer to verify it.


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