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Pick, Pack, Ship Route in Manufacturing in Odoo 13

Manufacturing in Odoo 13

Anjali AjithMay 21, 2020

Pick, Pack, Ship route in manufacturing a product in Odoo 13 ensures its quality while delivering a product to the customer. In this Odoo13 three step delivery process what happens is that at each stage the product’s quality is reviewed by the authorized persons at each end. As mention earlier, Pick, Pack and Ship are the processes automate by Odoo to review the status of the goods. Odoo uses routes to define exactly how you will handle the different receipt steps. This blog gives a detail idea about the Odoo 13 three step deliver process.

To use this feature, one should enable the multi route option in the inventory settings menu.

Inventory -->Configuration -->Settings

Odoo 13 multi step routes

By default, activating multi-step routes will also activate Storage Locations.

Next step is to the warehouse configuration in the inventory module .

Configuration --> Warehouse

  • Select the warehouse to use the feature .
  • Select the 3 step packing in both incoming and outgoing shipments.

Warehouse configuration in Odoo 13


These are the 3 tabs that we enabled. When ever we are creating a sales order, automatically count in these tabs get increment.

inventory overview


Lets create a quotation in sales. Up on confirming you will be able to see 3 receipts for the delivery.

sale order


At this point the status of pick route is ready. Once we validate the quantity, its status changes to done and next route become in ready state.

three step delivery


After validating, check the inventory overview dashboard. There are no more items to pick, as we did it. Next step is to pack the item, so it is indicate by 1 here.

inventory overview


After validating the pack route, now we have only one left to done.

 three step delivery


When output or delivery get validate, all of them changes to done in the status.

 validate pack route


Thus our three step delivery process in Odoo13 is complete. three step delivery




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