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Odoo V13 Road Map

Odoo V13 Road Map

Anisha M JosephMay 25, 2019

Do u know how old i am??? : ODOO

The most amazing erp software platform Odoo is getting its version 13 soon on October 2019. Each and every Odoo ERP users, developers, odoo erp seekers etc. is curiously waiting for the astounding features of odoo 13. In this fast growing technological era, When there is a change is required in the functioning of a company, Odoo ERP also helps to adopt the changes and provide flexibility by releasing new versions with various modules and features.The users worth 3.4 million is the evidence of Odoo being the finest application for business management.The amazing Features of odoo 13 will really help you to make growth for your business.

10 Key Points that come to the Odoo 13 Roadmap

1) Odoo Bank

2) OCR

3) The accountant as a service

4) Integration with recruitment

5) Internet of things

6) Stock Management Enhancement

7) Improvement in Maintenance App

8) Track positions

9) Record Attendance

10) Industry Focus

Let's have a detailed look at this:

Odoo Bank, a key component and feature of Odoo 13Odoo Bank: We all know that in order to start or run any business we need capital or money. It takes lots of time to go to a bank and getting a loan. So in the future odoo intend to offer loans directly, as an easy and fast way to get some cash. It is an easy way for the business to get cash on an immediate note.

OCR one among the features of odoo 13OCR: You will be able to connect your printer and directly scan all your Business card, Expenses etc. It also provisions to get it recorded in the system. Just imagine, if you have a PDF report of the vendor bill that you have obtained from your vendor, then you just upload the report, the system will scan it and record of the pdf in the system making the whole process in an ease. Thus, it will make the process of making records much fast way.

The accountant as a serviceThe accountant as a service: Odoo will help you to find a suitable accountant who works with odoo and also ready to work with your accounting solutions. Thus, you will save both money and time, because you won’t have to transfer the accounting data from odoo to other accounting software. As a result, everything will be centralized and you will already have someone who know the system and use it.

Integration with recruitmentIntegration with recruitment: You can just post your job ads on recruitment websites by one click. And post the ad on the website like Indeed, Monster etc. That is to say, let’s take an example, where you could just post one job ad on a recruitment site in one click and post the ad on the website such as monster, indeed, Naukri etc. for example and you know that we are recruiting a lot of people so I think that the HR department would be very happy. Odoo 13 all the way.

Internet of things, one of the features of Odoo 13Internet of things: IoT can be used as monitoring tools, you can know the status any devices at any moment and you can also make sure that there no down time for these devices. In short, Connect IoT devices to Odoo in an easy manner.

Stock Management Enhancement one of the features of odoo 13Stock Management Enhancement: It helps to track quantities to never run out-of-stock.  Stock management in V13 will use the advantages of IoT. For instance, you can track your quantities by linking a scale to your stocks, that will help you to know how much you left and you can also control the reordering process automatically.

Improvement in Maintenance AppImprovement in Maintenance App: Monitor your machines with connected devices and reduce down time. IoT can be used as monitoring tools, and you can know the status any devices at any movement.

Track positions: IoT can also be used for position tracking. As a result, you can track your stock, vehicles and materials. Odoo 13 supports the possibility of tracking the material, Fleet, stock etc. lively so that we can know the location of the stock/products exactly where those are. Suppose if we have a big warehouse, by tracking it is easy to know where the product is. In the case of the fleet, we can get the current location of the fleet where it is.

Record AttendanceRecord Attendance: You can also use, IoT to record attendance of an employee or a participant in an event. Use a connected badging system for HR or events.


Industry Focus

Industry Focus: Tailor the solution to the requirements of industry. The solution will will apt for according to the needs of current or updated industry.

Here we also introduce you the control panel view in odoo 13 and Search Panel in Kanban View.

From the below video you can also attain more information's about Odoo 13.

Odoo V13 improved many viewpoints of Odoo 12. Among that these are the ones to offer you with greatest advantages! Technaureus, a trusted Odoo implementation partner in Kerala, India giving efficient and comprehensive ERP services strives to make the most of the Odoo V13 improvements in their subsequent projects. If you're searching for an Odoo ERP services, the Odoo Team of Technaureus is here to help you out. Our years of experiences in Odoo is not in the same versions but we always mould them with fresh features of Odoo.

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