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Odoo User Creation

Odoo User Creation

Anjali AjithAug. 7, 2020

Odoo is an end to end business platform that is mainly for professional accounting, invoices, sales management, human resource management, inventory, website / e-commerce and much more. Odoo can be primarily set up with either basic Odoo functionalities, or with some pre-written examples of quotations, invoices, etc will be useful for beginners. Or you can set up Odoo by customizing it from the very beginning. Initially, Odoo will be having some default users, as you can see when you logged in, (for Example: Administrator, Demo user). Administrator will be having all access rights and can manage all activities. Demo user will be an ordinary user with restricted access rights. Administrator can update passwords, create, duplicate and delete users. Here, we discuss about Odoo User Creation in detail.


Steps for Creating new odoo User

Go to Settings in the Dashboard, there you can see a list of already existing users under the users tab. Click on the Create button on the window for creating a new user.

Settings -->Users-->Create

Odoo user create

Once you enters the users window, fill out the name and email address of the user. Under Access Rights tab select the essential features that your user needs.

You can set the Application Access for the user in different levels according to the perimeter that the user need to work. For example here Sales has been set to Managerial access rights. You can also set it to User : Own Documents only or to User : All Documents.

Odoo user window

You can change your preferences on languages, timezone, etc under Preferences tab.

Odoo preference

When all the settings get update, you can save the data entered for the creation of new user. You can also edit the user details once created. Administrator can act as super user in Odoo.

When a user call Scarlet is form, the Users tab will now look like this:

users tab

Following are some of actions perform by the Administrator on User. Administrator can Change password, Duplicate, delete User Accounts.

The path can be define by :

  • Users -->Scarlet -->Action -->Change password


  • Users -->Scarlet -->Action -->Duplicate


  • Users -->Scarlet -->Action -->Delete

user action


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