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Odoo Partner ( res.partner ) Concept


Muhammed NizarudheenApril 3, 2019

In any ERP, the partner is one of the key concepts. In odoo, we can find hardly modules with no relation with 'res.partner'. Technaureus, an Odoo ERP implementation partner explain in detail about the concept of Odoo partner in the following blog.

ResPartner is a model in open ERP/Odoo. 'res' is used in odoo for the core models, unlike sale or purchase. It is used mainly to store address details. In odoo, a partner can be customer, suppliers, company, employees, users, portal users.

A partner can become both customer and vendor.

Partner become customer and vendor in Odoo Partner ( res.partner ) Concept



A customer uses res.partner to store the customer address details.if the boolean field customer is true. The partner is a customer.


A supplier uses it to store the supplier address details.if the boolean field supplier is true. The partner is a supplier.


company you created will have an entry to res .partner or odoo partner

While creating a company, the field ‘partner_id’ is related to res.partner.  Each company you created will have an entry to it .



Each employee created will be using the res.partner to store address details.


There are three types of users in odoo.

  • Internal user
  • Portal
  • Public

Each user created, will be related to 'res.partner'.

In short, this concept used in all places in Odoo ERP and this also helps to provide better reporting in financial reports as well. Hence,hope you understood the concept of Odoo Partner explained by a top Odoo implementation Partner in Kerala.


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