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Odoo 16 Subscription Module


CarolineNov. 12, 2022

Odoo ERP is a great platform to overview, generate & manage subscriptions and its renewal. Using the Odoo subscription module, you can simply establish subscription and related activities. The major benefits of the subscription module are easy management of the subscription products, easy renewals, and convenient alert sending.

Odoo 16 introduced some awesome features to the subscription module. Let’s jump into the list of features.

What’s new in Odoo 16 Subscription Module?

  • Complete integration with sales module

  • Recurrence Periods on the configuration

  • Recurring Product Price

  • Recurring Pricelists

  • Subscription Plans

  • Automatic Invoicing

  • Easier Upsells

  • Perfect Renewals

  • MRR Analysis

  • Alerts

Complete integration with sales module

The sales module of Odoo 16 have introduced some new fields which are Recurrence & Date of Next Invoice. There are new labels or statuses that has been added on the top right corner of the sale order which informs the sale order Recurring sale order or whether it is a sale order To Renew or It is an Upselling sale order.

Recurrence Periods

Now, recurrence periods can be configured from the configuration itself. Here the Recurrence period name, duration and unit could be added and can configure that period. This is completely a fresh feature which was earlier managed through Recurrence template.

Recurring Product Price

Once the recurring checkbox is enabled in subscription products, a new tab will be opened which is the Price that help users to configure various subscription prices according to the recurrence periods. Now, one subscription product is capable of managing different price levels.

Recurring Pricelists

Pricelists can now be defined as recurring in Odoo 16. Other than price rules, a new tab is brought in to the Pricelist from there Recurring price rules could be easily configured.

Subscription Plans

Instead of the old subscription template, now subscription plans are added on to the configuration of subscription. User can simply create a subscription plan from here. It is basically a quotation template.

Automatic Invoicing

When a customer pays an invoice amount online against subscription, then it will capture a payment token. A payment token is created in Odoo and it can be used as a payment method for next payments without having to enter the card details again. This is useful for subscriptions that use recurring payments. This payment token field will be activated when user configure their corresponding payment provider. If this field is set empty, then Odoo will create and invoice and make it posted and send it to the customer so that the customer know they have an outstanding payment and the customer can submit the payment then.

Easier Upsells

When you click on the Upsell button, it will create a new sale order which is the duplicate of the parent sale order. A new label will be displayed on the top right corner of the upsell sale order named Upsell.

Perfect Renewals

Once you renew a sale order, then that renewed one will be a new sale order. As the renewal is basically a new thing, that is defining the products, a fresh new sale order will be created on Renewal. Everything related to the parent SO will be duplicated on the renewed sale order.


MRR Analysis

This analysis shows the evolution of the recurring revenue related to a sale order. This will be displayed once user click on the MRR smart button from the sale order.


Helps user to trigger some actions on the systems if user finds any changes in the variables like MRR, percentage etc. If such conditions arrive, then alerts could be created and can be triggered.

Wrapping Up

With all the above-mentioned features, Odoo 16 subscription module aims to simplify the processes and improve maintainability.

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