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Odoo 13 Vendor Pricelist Configuration

Vendor Pricelist Configuration

ajay krishnaJune 7, 2020

In Odoo 13 we can add pricelists in vendors. Pricelist is the amount of money the business is willing to sell their products. We can set pricelists for some specific vendors in Inventory. In Odoo13 we are using vendor pricelist to get discounts while purchasing. In this blog we will discuss about the Odoo 13 Vendor Pricelist Configure.

First we want to set pricelist for a product.

Menu->Inventory->Master Data->Products->

Odoo13 Vendor Pricelist Configure set pricelist for products

Select a product to open it.


Odoo13 Vendor Pricelist Configure Select a product

Click Edit-> and go to Purchase->


Odoo13 Vendor Pricelist Configure purchase product

Here we can see one vendor pricelist is already create. To create another pricelist, Add a line->.


Odoo13 Vendor Pricelist Configure vendor pricelist

Enter the details :

  • Vendor
  • Product Name
  • Code
  • Variant
  • Delivery Lead Time

After that enter the minimum Quantity and its Price. If we want to apply any validity, then set the dates.

Save & Close->


product save

Then we can see the two pricelists for the product.

Select Save->


Go to Menu->Purchase->Orders->Purchase Orders->


Select Create-> to create a new order.


purchase order

Enter the details and add product by clicking Add a product-> select the product and enter the quantity. Then you can see the Subtotal price.

Here we can see the price is changing for different quantities of same product. If a customer buy above 9 quantity, he wants to pay 50Rs for one product. Customer buy less than 10 product then he wants to pay 78rs per one product. This is the use of Pricelist in vendor.

We hope this blog help you to understand about Odoo 13 Vendor Pricelist Configure.



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