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Odoo 13 Restaurant Floors Configuration in Odoo POS

Odoo 13 Restaurant

Anjali AjithMarch 6, 2020

Odoo Restaurant Management system is set with a simple, perceptive and user-friendly interface. It consists of Table and Floor management facility, Product/Menu management options, fast billing, Online ordering facility, Offline support, Invoice generation, making it the best POS system for restaurant or the best ERP for the management of restaurant. In this blog we will discuss in detail on Odoo13 Restaurant Floors Configuration.

Some restaurant will be having multiple floors. To manage the tables over there Odoo has some smart features. You can add similar floors to existing floor structure in Odoo and also manage it by switching in between them. As easy as talking, right !!

Point of sale -->Configuration -->Floor Plans--> Create

Odoo 13 POS

Add the floor name and also tables for your floor. You can also add the tables and customization from the pos interface by clicking on the edit icon.

Odoo13 Restaurant Floors Configuration

Now start a session in the restaurant.

Odoo13 Restaurant Floors Configuration

You will able to see the floor that we have just added near by the existing floor. Switching between the floors is only a click away.

Odoo13 Restaurant Floors Configuration

Click on the table to place any orders.

Hope, the blog help in understanding about the Odoo13 Restaurant Floors Configuration.


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