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Odoo 13 Replenish Stock

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock

ajay krishnaJune 30, 2020

In Odoo 13 we can Replenish the stock. Replenish is a standard retail practice to ensure that the right products are in the best place. That is, at the optimum quantity or an operation that consists in making the stock full again in order to avoid stock-out. It is typically initiated by a back-order passed to a supplier or to a manufacturer. In this blog we will show you how to use replenishment option for products in Odoo 13.

How To Do The Replenishment Option In Odoo 13


inventory settings

Activate the Multi-Step Routes.

Then, go to Master Data->Products->.

Master data

Select the low quantity product to replenish.

replenish product

If we open a product we can see a Replenish-> option. Click on that.

replenish quantity

We can see a new window.

Enter the Quantity and also set the Preferred Routes as Buy.

Then go to the Purchase->Orders->Request for quotation->

request for quotation

We can see a new RFQ was automatically generated from the source Manual Replenishment.

Open the quotation.

open quotation

Confirm Order-> to confirm the Desk Pad order.

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock Receive products

Click on Receive Products->.

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock Edit quotation

Edit-> and click the small menu shown on the right side of the Done field to edit the Done quantities 0 to 20.

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock detailed operation

Enter the Done quantities as 20 then Confirm->.

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock Validate order

Then Validate-> the order.

Go to the Inventory to see our product’s quantity.

Inventory->Master Data->Products->

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock inventory

Select the product to open.

Odoo 13 Replenish Stock product

We can see our product’s quantity changes from 0 to 20.


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