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Odoo 13 Purchase Management Re-ordering Rules

Odoo 13 Purchase Management

Anjali AjithJune 11, 2020

Sometimes there will be an issue like some products running out of stock and that might be products that have been frequently in use. So the sellers need to automatically update the quantity of such products. This is by creating reordering rules in Odoo13 for that product.

Let's Discuss In detail How To Set  Reordering Rules in Odoo 13

One can do it either going to that product dash board or in master product create reordering rules.

Master products -->Re-ordering Rules --> Create

 reordering rules in Odoo 13 purchase management

You can click on the soft button highlighted below to create rules for reordering in the product description. Also you need to add a vendor for the product.

reordering rules

Currently, the specified product quantity is 0 on hand. Now if we create a sales order there is no product at hand to deliver. Odoo will create a RFQ to the specified vendor at the same time when the product quantity goes below the minimum quantity. This is the role of the odoo 13 reordering rules that we have created.

Sales order

On confirming the order a pop up like this appear, because we do not have enough quantities at hand.


Check RFQ

You can check the RFQ in the purchase module to see what happens. Mostly you will find that no RFQ will be generated. This is because scheduler might not be trigger. Odoo provides a scheduler to trigger these requests automatically.

Click on Run Scheduler from the same reordering rules soft button in the product description window, to manually trigger the reordering rules right now.

run scheduler

Now again check the RFQ in Purchase module, it will be there. Click on confirm to place the order and also receive the done quantities.


One thing to here is that, we had given a sale order of 10 quantities at 0 quantity in hand.

RFQ has generated for 20 quantities. That is, it includes

the maximum quantity + Sale order quantity

= 10+ 10

= 20

It means that, on selling 10 quantities our product does not perish.

Coming back to our sale order, on validating 10 quantities are delivered.

sales order

As you can see the balance products at hand.

Reordering Rules in Odoo 13


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