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Odoo 13 Product Tracking in Manufacturing and Components

Odoo 13 Product Tracking

Anjali AjithMay 23, 2020

With Odoo you can track the products and components that you manufacture. This is important when you need to track the product stages. For this one need to go to manufacturing module and enable the traceability feature. Odoo 13 product tracking feature provides tracking of product through some unique lots. Lot traceability, also called lot tracking, lot control or manufacturing traceability. It means that you know which supplier lots were used in which finished products, and who received those finished products.

To create a manufacturing order, go to:

Manufacturing --> Operations -->Manufacturing Orders -->Create

manufacturing order

Click on Mark as To do.

Now click on Plan after checking availability. Work orders will be create up on clicking plan button.

work order in odoo 13

On checking the work orders you will be able to see start working button. Click on that, now the order will be in progress state.

Odoo 13 work order

Click on Current Production to give lot /Serial Number to trace the products and components.

work order

Once the work is finish, you can mark it as Done. As you can see no work is left to do.

Work done

Now in manufacturing orders you can trace the status of components by clicking on them. You will be able to see the lots, when started and on finished.

Below are two components that we traced so far.

Odoo 13 Product Tracking

Odoo 13 Product Tracking


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