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Odoo 13 POS Category Filter

Odoo 13 POS Category Filter

ajay krishnaJan. 20, 2020

In Odoo POS we can create products under a category. This means that grouping the products that have same function or any other same things. Using this a customer can

easily search and then select a specific product he wants. That is, this feature helps to reduce the search time for the product. In this blog we discuss in detail about the Odoo 13 POS Category Filter.

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Menu->Point of Sale->Products->


Then, Click to Create-> create a new product.


Enter the product’s details,

  • Name
  • Price
  • Type
  • Category
  • etc

Then go to the Point of Sale-> option.

POS in Odoo 13 Categories Filter

Put tick mark on Available in POS and select the category of the product.

Then click Save-> and go to Dashboard->

pos_dashboard in Odoo13 POS Category Filter

Click New Session-> to start the session.

pos session in Odoo13 POS Category Filter

In this window we can see the created product(Demo Product) is under the category(Chairs).

We hope this blog help you in understanding about Odoo13 POS Category Filter.

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