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Odoo 13 POS Cash Control

Odoo 13 POS Cash Control

Anjali AjithDec. 24, 2019

Cash Control in Odoo 13 POS

Odoo provides efficient cashing mechanism for point of sale. The interface of POS is much easy to use. Also in Odoo the point of sale is working in both online and offline mode so as a user, you can sell and take the order without thinking about the internet. Cash control is a built-in option in Odoo 13 POS, which allows the user to check the amount in cash box at the beginning and end of each session. You need not install any new plugins or, modules to use this feature. In this blog we discuss about the Odoo13 POS Cash Control.

Cash Control In Odoo 13 POS Set-up

In the pos module go to Configuration --> Point of sale and select a POS .

Enable the option Cash control under payments section in the upcoming window.

Odoo 13 POS Cash Control

You can also enable this by clicking on the dots in the upper right hand in the session window. Default balance can be set as shown after enabling the cash flow.

Default balance in Odoo13 POS Cash Control

You are able to see options to set the opening and closing balance in the sessions. Profit / loss analysis is the greatest benefit of doing this.

Add no of coins you have in hand before starting the session. Set the value of each coins. The amount will get update automatically after confirming it.

Start a new session and do some orders in POS. As you can see here I have only done 2.

Odoo 13 POS orders

You can see the cash balance and closing details at the end of the session.

Closing Odoo 13 POS session

We hope this blog help you in understanding about the Odoo13 POS Cash Control.


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