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Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation

Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation

ajay krishnaApril 23, 2020

Geolocation is the process of finding, determining and providing the exact location of a computer, networking device or equipment. It enables device location based on geographical coordinates and measurements. It commonly uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and other related technologies to assess and specify geographical locations. In Odoo 13, we are using Partners Geolocation to find Customer’s or location. Also in the map view there is a new option for Navigation. In this blog we will discuss in detail regarding Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation.


Install the module Partners Geolocation.

Apps->Partners Geolocation->Install->

install Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation


Then go to :


Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation sales_orders_customers

Click Create-> to create a new customer.


Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation sales_customer_create

Enter the customer’s details(Enter valid address). Then click the Save-> button and then Partner Assignation->.


Odoo 13 Partners Geolocation Customers_partner assignation

Enter the Geolocate-> button to assign the location. Here we can see the Latitude and Longitude are 0.0000.



After loading is done we can see that Latitude,Longitude and the date are automatically assigned.


Go to Contacts->


Here we can see the created contact ”Peter”.  Also can create the partner by clicking Contacts->Create-> .


In the window we can see a location button on the top right side. Click that button for map view.

Contact_map view

Now the kanban view changed to the map view.In the map view we can see our contacts/partners and also see the contacts list on the right side of the window.

If we click the sign button then we can see the contact details and there is two options to Edit and Navigate.




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