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Odoo 13 Integration


Jils GeorgeDec. 28, 2019

Odoo 13 Integration

The Odoo 13 integration means all the required features are join together and customize it with proper way by the experts. So, the Odoo 13 will be easy for the beginners and experts. Odoo is an ERP which can be customized with an Expert in Odoo Service Providing. Odoo 13  Customization  process is a simple process to boost the performance of Odoo. Some people have a doubt that Why Odoo Customization is needed? in the process of Integration.The answer is simple, experts know that without proper Customization in Odoo 13,Migration in Odoo 13 ,Training in Odoo 13, Implementation in Odoo 13  then the  integration part will be weak.

The integration is sum total of the  performance of Odoo. It includes all the features to boost the performance. Most importantly, it is an integral part which makes the performance level at high.In other words,odoo without the integration is Man without oxygen . Because,it is an integral part of the Odoo. So,the integration process is to maintain a strategic movement in the Odoo. However, this process use a scale of one app for doing everything and also customize with the demand of the client because the business is different .

Common Odoo Integrations

Odoo 13 Integration Process

Most importantly,Integration is use to compensate with Third Party apps. On the other hand, the third party apps have different features. Certainly,a well trained expert in Odoo can be categorize and integrate it with proper things. Further,with Integration all the things will come under a single window compared to  various. When there is more windows which covers the same thing is too complicated.With a single window which is included all things and with all categorization never wants those things .Concept is simple and no need of external .

Most common integrations are;

      1.Bio metric device integrations.

      2.Payment gateway integrations.

      3.Delivery system integrations

       4.Ecommerce system integrations

       5.Web service api integrations etc.

An Odoo ERP implementation partner.

Technaureus odoo 13 Integration services

  • Experience in Community, Enterprise and also Editions.
  • Proved experience in almost all versions from version 5.0.
  • Experience in integration  of  E commerce sites like Woocommerce etc.
  • Experience in integration of other applications like quickbook  and moodle in Odoo etc.
  • Implementation of Bio Metric Integrations like Zkteco.
  • Experience in integration of Payment Gateways.
  • Experienced team in providing API to mobile apps and also integration with other web services like live fuel price updates.

In short, being the Best Odoo ERP Service and Implementation Partner we have made several strategical moves to make the Odoo simple and easy to learn by our Clients.So that we made some customization for the best performance of Odoo 13 with the Integration.


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