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Odoo 13 Expense Management

Odoo 13 Expense Management

ajay krishnaJune 9, 2020

It has never been an easier job to handle the day-to-day costs of company employees. If it's travel expenses, office supplies or other costs for employees.In every company, the management of expenses helps to record their daily expenses so that they can evaluate them in order to maximize the company's income and to minimize business losses.The Odoo 13 expense management is the ultimate solution for this.

An expense is the cost of an asset used by a company in its operations to produce revenues. In other words, an expense is the use of assets to create sales. As the popular saying goes, “it costs money to make money”. A company have many expenses like traveling, accommodation, food etc for business trips. In Odoo 13 we can easily manage the expenses by installing Expenses app. In this the employee can easily creates his expenses and the manager can approve or refuse that. in this blog we will discuss in detail on Odoo 13 Expense Management.



Go to the Apps and install the Expenses app.

Odoo 13 Expense Management app install


After complete installation go to the Expenses app.

my expenses in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Select the Expense Product to create a new expense product.
Configuration->Expense Products->

expense product in Odoo 13 Expense Management

We can see some products that has been already created. To create a new product click the Create-> button.

expenses products in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Enter the details:

  • Product Name
  • Product Type
  • Cost
  • Company, etc

After completing the form Save-> that form and go to the My Expenses-> menu.

create a new expense in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Select the Create-> button to create a new expense.

Enter details in Odoo 13 expense management

Fill the form:

  • Description (about the expense)
  • Product (Expense product)
  • Quantity,etc
  • Paid By (Select the company or the employee can pay the expenses)

In this selecting the Company option in Paid By.

If we select the Expense product then the price will automatically applied. After filling the form Save-> it.

 Paid By in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Now the expense is saved. Then we want to create the expense report, so click the Create Report-> button.

Submit to Manager in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Select the Manager and click the Submit to Manager-> button to submit this expense report to the manager.

The report is submitted to the manager so the manager can Approve or Refuse the report.

Approve report in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Click Approve-> to approve the report.

Post journal entries in Odoo 13 Expense Management

Select the Post Journal Entries-> button to pay the cash.

My Expenses

The employee can view the status by clicking My Expenses-> button.

Report view

So the employee can see the report and its status on this window. We can see the created expenses status is Paid.


♠In this selecting the Employee (to reimburse) option in Paid by

Paid by

Save-> it.
Create Report->(same as the above steps)

create report

Submit to Manager->



post journal payment

Post Journal Entries->

If we post the journal entries then the next window contain a new option to Register the payment. This option is not present in Paid By Manager method.
Click the Register Payment-> to register the payment. Then we will get a new window:

register payment

Select the Payment Method as Cash or Bank then click the Validate-> button.


We can see the status as Paid.

If you want to see the payment then go to, Validate->Vendors->Payments->


We can see the payments. Click to open the payment.

journal items

Open the Journal Items-> to see the journals.

Journal details

Here we can see 500 is first debited in the managers account then it credited on same account. That is because here we done the expenses for the manager.



In the Expense there is a option to Reinvoice cash to the customer.

  • Create a expense

expense create

Enter the details and select the Invoice number of the customer.
Then Save-> the expense and click the Create Report-> button to create.

Submit to Manager

Submit to Manager->



Post Journal Entries

Post Journal Entries->

Go to the customer’s invoice.

sale invoice

Select the Create Invoice-> button to create the invoice Post-> the invoice and register the payment by clicking Register Payment->

Go to the Journal Items->, here we can see the created journals.

Journal Items


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