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Odoo 13 Ecommerce with Video URL


ajay krishnaDec. 2, 2019

Add Product Video In Odoo 13 Ecommerce

Now, we can add product video in eComerce. Video of any situation makes it more understanding. So we can describe our product with video. Add video URL to product of its video on eCommerce page in Odoo 13, then the users can view the product video also.


Video url in Odoo 13 eCommerce.

Go to Create-> To create a new product in Odoo 13 eCommerce.

create product in Odoo 13

Then, Go to eComerce-> after that enter the product’s details.

Enter product details

Add website and other details then,

Add a Media->

Add media Odoo 13 ecommerce

Add the video URL and image, thereafter :

Save & Close->

Save the product and go to the website to view the product.


Go to Website->

product view in Odoo

We can see the product image. To see the video click the video icon or click the right arrow.


Odoo 13 eCommecre View video

So we can see the video here.


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