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Odoo 13 Batch Payments

Odoo 13 Batch Payments

Anjali AjithFeb. 24, 2020

Batch Payment in Odoo is the process of matching a batch of payments with our bank statement. In this way multiple payments can be batched together for customers and vendors making it easier for the reconciliation of the bank statements. This actually saves a lot of time in business scenarios. In this blog we will discuss in detail on Odoo 13 Batch Payments.

A bank reconciliation is the process of matching the balances in an entity's accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The goal of this process is to ascertain the differences between the two, and also to book changes to the accounting records as appropriate.

Batch payments is a feature in Accounting module, that comes in enterprise edition of Odoo 13.

In Odoo we have two types of batch payment methods, one is customer batch payment named as inbound batch type, and another one is vendor bill batch payment named as outbound batch type.

Go to accounting module Accounting -> Configuration -> Settings -> Batch Payment.

Tick the check box against the Batch Payment to enable the feature.

batch payments

Customer Batch Payment

To create a customer batch payment, go to:

Customer -> Batch Payment -> Create.

customer batch payments

Vendor Batch Payment

In the case of vendor batch payment, select the batch payment in the vendor drop-down menu in the accounting navigation bar. Then click the create button.

Accounting -> Vendor -> Batch payment -> Create.

As we said earlier, there are two types of batch payments. The payments done by the customers and the payments done by the vendors. There are provision for both of them to batch their payments and reconcile in a single bank statement .

In the case of customers, you need to select the inbound option to batch multiple payments. This Option shows only the customer payment to batch.

In case of the vendors, for batching payments you will need to select the Outbound option. You will be only able to see the vendor payments in this way.

Create a batch payment for customers

batch payments

  • Select the type as Inbound (in case of customer payment).
  • Select the bank account .

You can also add the bank through :

Configuration -> Bank Accounts -> Create.

  • There are two types of payment methods available.
  1. Manual
  2. Batch Deposit

Here I had selected manual method for payment.

You can also add another payment method from here instantly .

  • Now click on add line to add payments to batch .

As I have selected Manual method, only payments that done with manual method is filtered automatically by odoo. Just select the payments from the list of payments.


After filling the reference number and date, now save and validate the batch payment.

The batch that we had created, will be now listed as shown below.

batch payments

As you can see the status of the batch is sent. So next step is to reconcile the payment with the bank statements.

Now we have to create the corresponding bank statement for reconciling this batch payment. For creating the bank statement, select the bank statement and create a new statement.

Create Bank Statement

Accounting Overview -> Bank Statement -> Create.

  • Statement appears with already having opening balance if any from previous transactions.
  • Select the date and journal.
  • Select the date in the transactions tab.Edit the label as our batch name, because are creating statement for not single payments, but for a batch .
  • Leave the partner field if we selected the customer payments in the batch are with different partners. And at the time of vendor batch payment, mentioning the partner field is mandatory.
  • Add the total amount for the batch. Also do not forget to add the ending balance as same as computed balance.
  • Up on saving, an option to Reconcile appears.


  • As said The bank reconciliation is the process of matching the payments of customers and vendors with the bank statement. So that we can identify the bank statement with the corresponding payment.
  • When we click on the Reconcile button, we will be able to see all unreconciled payments.

 bank statement

Click on Batch Payments to see the payments in batch.

batch payments

From the list of batch payments, select one that matches the amount given above. Up on selecting, we can see all of the individual payments that we added to that batch.


Now these payments are ready to reconcile with the bank statement.

Click on Validate to reconcile.

reconciled payments

Just checking the payments tab, you can see the reconciled entries with status reconciled and unreconciled entries with status validated /sent.

payments tab


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