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Odoo 12 Quotation Templates

Quotation Templates

Anjali AjithJuly 28, 2020

Quotation Templates in Odoo 12

Odoo, in the past known as Open ERP is an across the board business suite for the coordinated and effective working of the experts with respect to in finance sector, sales sector, e - commerce and so on..In this blog we will examine about Quotation Templates in Odoo 12."

Quotation in Odoo

Usually there are situations in which a seller need to prepare same quotation for specific customers or in other words some customers will need the same products over again and again.

For instance say a customer, X only buys Storage Cabinet and 4 legged desk.

So the seller need to plan quotation each time the client X requests similar items.In Odoo 12 there are arrangements to make a draft of explicit quotation and seller needs to include those templates into the quotation.There by saving time for each repetitive and large orders of same kind.

This can be done by enabling of Quotation Templates option from the settings in Sales tab.

Sales -->Configuration -->Settings -->Quotation & Orders

Enable quotation template

Tick the check box Quotation Templates.

Now go to Sales -->Configuration --> Quotation Templates.

You can create a new template by simply clicking on Create.

You can add products to the template by clicking on add product.

quotation template

You can add discretionary products if necessary for the client.If client chooses it, that item will be automatically added to the quotation.

quotation template

You can choose the confirmation Mail tab in the event that you need any confirmation mail services.Other wise just leave it blank. Enable it to use your own external server.

Odoo 12 Quotation Templates

One need to configure the mail settings to use this service. Probably you would be using Gmail over Thunder mail.

Go to Settings --> General Settings --> External Email Servers

Enable it.

Odoo 12 Quotation Templates

Credentials for Gmail

  • Description : A small description of the server.
  • SMTP Server
  • SMTP Port :465
  • Connection Security :SSL/TLS
  • Username : A valid Gmail Username
  • Password : Valid password for your Gmail account

Click on test connection to validate the connection. If every thing goes on your way you will receive a wizard like this.

Odoo 12 Quotation Templates

Subsequent to giving the details lets see how might we really benefit this feature.

In Odoo, create a quotation through

Sales -->Orders --> Quotations

  • Enter the client name .
  • Select a Quotation template .
  • Click on Add product if additional products are required.
  • Hit Save.

Odoo 12 Quotation Templates

You can send email to confirm the quotation by the client.

Click on Send by Email.


Click on Accept and Sign to online to proceed.

You can select the Optional Products to cart if required.

optional products

Sign online to confirm the order.

online signing



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