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Odoo 11 Multi-Company Feature

Odoo 11 Multi-Company Feature

Sahdiya MammoottyOct. 24, 2019


Odoo perfectly meets the needs of multinational companies. Odoo is an outstanding solution to help small companies grow their business. The multi-company environment allows you to manage operations from different companies with different warehouses, customers, and suppliers, products. But it also perfectly meets the needs of multinational companies. And the inter-company feature helps you to buy and/or sell products and services between different branches within your conglomerate. Here, in this blog we discuss the Multi-Company feature in Odoo 11.

To get multi-company options:

First, go to Settings >> General Settings, in that check on the Manage multiple companies options.



Now next step give one user(admin) Multi Company rights.

So, by going to


In that go to admin and thereafter check on the Multi Companies


In general settings we enable common contact book and common product catalog. And then we can share contact and also catalogs to every user.

First we have to create parent company( here Technaureus ) , and then create child company(here Technaureus-cochin).

To create companies go to:

Setting → company → create

Parent Company

Odoo 11 multi-company


Child company details(here Technaureus-cochin)

Odoo 11 multi-company


It's necessary to assign parent of child company while creating a child company. If a person control both companies, then set all access to that user.

Odoo 11 multi-company


If user has permission to allow another company, then we can switch the company from right of main label tab.

Odoo 11 multi-company


Setting users for each company

Admin user is a Multi company user. So, we use this only for maintaining a regular check and giving access permission to the users. Further, this account will not be used for data entry.

Create users and give Access rights to them to the particular company.


Setting Accounts

Install chart of accounts for each company.

Select the companies and give a proper chart of accounts to each child company.

Invoicing>>Configuration >> fiscal localization

Select package as corresponding chart of account (here Indian chart of accounting)

Fiscal localization in Odoo 11 multi-company

Note: add chart of account in each child company separately.

Maintain separate warehouse for each company. Log in as company user. And thereafter create warehouse.

By default, a location(../stock) is created and you can create more locations as you wish.



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