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Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Invoicing Policies

Anjali AjithJuly 18, 2020

Basically, there are two types of invoicing policies in Odoo 11. They are, Invoicing policies on Ordered Quantity and Delivered Quantity.  But we can set certain product privileges in invoicing policies. Individual products can be arrange to either of the invoicing policies.

In Odoo, invoicing policies on sales by Ordered quantity defines that the invoicing can be done for the quotations that had been confirmed or for placed as orders. On other hand, invoicing policies on Delivered quantities can only create invoices after delivering the products.

Moreover, Odoo also facilitate back order (if needed) enabling if full quantity of orders is not in hand and can be back order until it is available. Invoices can be form for the quantities that are to be deliver so far. Remaining quantities that are yet to deliver can have invoice created after delivery. In this blog we deal with invoicing policies in Odoo 11.

Follow the paths to have invoicing policies on Ordered quantity.

By default invoicing policies on sales will be set to Ordered Quantity.

Create a quotation for a product.

Sales -->Quotation -->Create

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

After creating the quotation, Confirm the Sale by clicking on Confirm Sale.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Now, you can see the Create Invoice tab appears after the sale confirmation.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Create invoice by clicking on the tab provided, after invoicing you can sent email to the recipient about invoicing details, print the invoice etc.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Invoicing policies on Delivered Quantity can be done as follows :

Set the Invoicing policy to Delivered quantity through

Sales --> Settings --> Invoice what is delivered

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Now again create a quotation and save the quotation as shown above.

Click Confirmation Sale tab.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Click on the Create Invoice tab to create the invoice.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Creating Backorder

To illustrate, we need to create a quotation that follow the rule :

Quantity to be selled>Quantity in hand

So we are creating a quotation and confirming the sale to go for Checking availability and Validation.

Odoo 11 Invoicing Policies

Check Availability and click on Validate.


If you need to create a backorder, click on Backorder.

create invoice

Then, click on Create Invoice to create invoice for the quantity in hand. Remaining can be deliver when it is available. Invoice can be form seperately for them.

invoice creation

Finally, note that here Back order is done in invoicing policy on Invoicing what is delivered.

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