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Odoo 11 Ecommerce Configure Suggested Products


AdhithDec. 9, 2019

Ecommerce is the meeting of buyers and sellers on the internet. An E-commerce platform will make it easy for businesses to launch channel specific or multi branded eCommerce website. This feature enables to focus on specific customers as well as general spectators. A product is anything that can be offer to a market that might satisfy a want or need. In retailing, products are known as merchandise. In manufacturing, products bought as raw materials and sold as finish goods. Odoo has a vivid product creation facility. Odoo11 ecommerce product configuration is shown in detail in this blog.

Product configuration in Odoo11 eCommerce is as follows:


Lets create an odoo e-commerce website for your business:




Suggested Products In Odoo11 Ecommerce

When you scroll to the bottom of an eCommerce product page what do you find?

In the vast majority of websites, it’s a strip of images of other products and a message telling you how you might be interest in these. It’s also the last attempt to get you to keep browsing if you’ve reach the bottom of the page and haven’t found what you’re interest in.

In addition to this, here let's see how we mange these related products in odoo??

Add Alternative Product

Odoo suggest product in e-commerce is manage by putting the alternative product to the product details.

To do that alternative product option is already contain in odoo:

website->products->alternative products

ecommerce -add alternative product

Don't forget to click publish on the website to display the product on the website. After that we can see the related products on the website.

Here when we chose the Apple In-Ear Headphones.

product configuration in odoo-ecomerce -apple in ear head phone

The alternative product which appears at the bottom of the website product page. If you can't see the alternative products then turn on Alternative Products from the Customize menu of the product web page.

website→shop→customize→alternative products

product configuration in odoo-ecommerce -customize menu

In short, we hope you understood how the product configuration work with Odoo eCommerce.


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