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Odoo 11 Data Export and Import

Odoo 11 Data Export and Import

ajay krishnaJune 13, 2020

Odoo supports exporting and importing of the records so far created or to be uploaded. This is a basic feature in Odoo. Likely all modules have this feature. Files can be imported for specific needs are in the form of .csv format. One could export the files in .csv and Excel sheets. Export Types are of basically two types Import - Compatible Export and Export all data. In this blog we will discuss in detail on Odoo11 data export and import.


Import data in Odoo11

Here we are importing 2 products first. Open excel file to create a template. You can also import a file .csv format. First row indicates the fields to be map to the database. Give below are the way to import product E and product F.

Odoo11 data export and import product template

Go to Inventory-->Master products--> Product. Click on the Import button.

Odoo11 data export and import


Click on the load file to import a file. If there is no ambiguous condition or any error in mapping the fields, you can test the imported file by clicking on Test Import. After that go to for actual importing by clicking on Import.

Odoo11 data export and import

The product that are imported can be seen in the product list below. This is how we can import products.

Odoo11 data export and import


Export data in Odoo11

During exporting the records in Odoo, one can select either all of the records or selected records of data.

Consider acquiring the product records of Inventory module. Put the Tick mark on the left-top side to select all of the records. Then

go to Action -->Export.

exporting products

If you need only specific records, put the tick mark on the corresponding fields and follow the same method.

The Image below shows the further options for exporting the data. One can add relevant fields to be displayed in the exported sheet using the

Add button. The fields that are add can be seen on the right hand side. Enter the Export to File button for exporting the file.

 exporting products

Here is the exported file.

exported file of products

We hope this video help in understanding about Odoo11 data export and import.


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