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Odoo 11 Credit Note in Purchase Management

Odoo 11 Credit Note in Purchase Management

Anjali AjithMarch 17, 2020

Odoo is a platform that companies can use to easily manage the basics of the company such as materials and warehouse management, human resources, finance, accounting, sales and many other enterprise features. Odoo invoicing is a business supporting module, which comes along with plenty of features like Customer Invoicing, Customer Credit Notes, Purchases, Adviser, Reporting etc. In this blog we are going to deal discuss about the Credit Note in Odoo 11 Purchase Management.

Odoo 11 Credit Note

A Credit Note is a document issue by a vendor to a customer when goods are to be return to the vendor after a sale. Credit notes act as a Source document for the Sales return journal.
A credit note is also known as a credit memo, which is short for "credit memorandum”.

The Vendor Credit Note document allows you to process vendor refunds for goods or services that relate to invoices process on POS. You may process a vendor credit memo against a specific payment request, a purchase order.

In this credit Note concept, it represents the amount that a seller owns their customer. A credit note issues in the name of customers in order to keep track of this debt until it’s paid off.

In Odoo the debt remains until it’s payment registration is finish. It is possible to create credit note in Odoo for customer or supplier from an existing invoice also.

To create a Vendor Credit Note, Go to

Invoicing --> Purchases -->vendor Credit Note --> Create

Create vendor credit note

Fill the details and hit Save. Confirm the note by clicking on Validate button.

Credit note validate button in Odoo 11

Register Payment

Next step is to Register the payment by clicking on Register Payment.

Odoo 11 register payment

Provide the details of Payment Journal, either Cash or Bank.

payment journal details in Odoo 11

If you have outstanding payments for this customer, you can allocate them to mark this invoice as paid by clicking on the link Add Item.

You will be able to edit and validate this credit note directly or keep it draft, waiting for the document to be issued by your supplier/customer.

Credit notes can be create from existing bills also. Select an existing bill from purchase module.

Odoo 11 create credit note

Click on Ask for credit note

ask for credit note

Credit note created

If any due amount is there, you can track that until they register the payment. Now repeat the same steps as shown above .
After that go to Purchase order and select the corresponding order.

select purchase order

As you can see there will 2 bills created in the vendor bills. Click on Vendor Bills.
Note that the BILL/2019/0001 is the source document for the bill.
BILL/2019/0002, is the one that we have just created for the credit note.

vendor bills


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