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New Warehouse Creation in Odoo 12


Anjali AjithJuly 31, 2020

New Warehouse Creation in Odoo 12

In Odoo Integration, a Warehouse is the actual building/place in which your items are stocked. You can setup multiple warehouses and create moves between warehouses. A Location, is a specific space within your warehouse management. So, it can be considered as a sub location of your warehouse, as a shelf, a floor, an aisle, etc.with a proper Warehouse creation in Odoo 12

How To Create A New Warehouse In Odoo 12 ?

First of all enable the Storage Locations and multi warehouse under warehouse tab

To enable it go to Inventory --> Configuration -> Settings

New Warehouse Creation in Odoo 12

Now follow the path to create a new warehouse

Inventory-->Configuration -->Warehouse Management-->Warehouse--> Create

New Warehouse Creation in Odoo 12

    A new screen appears, with 3 fields :

        Warehouse Name, insert the full name of the warehouse.
On the Short Name field, insert a 5-characters code for your warehouse. In addition, keep in mind that this code is the one that will appear in the lists, so make sure you choose a name that is easy to understand and easy to enter.
Point at  the Address field,you can select an existing company or create one on-the-go. Therefore,the address of your warehouse will be the same as the one of the company you selected. Besides, you can also leave this field empty and edit it afterwards.

After providing the details Save it

Therefore, creation of an ware house is for the purpose of Manufacturing or any-other related things. Moreover, ware house is place were production process is carry on . Similarly, ware house process is a simple process when the Odoo 12 is with us. The Odoo  Integration is with many features. Most importantly, the Odoo create a categorization in each of the pages and total creation will be with join together all things.As  a Best Odoo  ERP Service Provider and Implementation partner we consider things with an accurate data and a minimum standard.



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