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My Profile in Odoo 13


ajay krishnaDec. 5, 2019

In Odoo 13 there is a new feature called My Profile. It is the Admin feature. The My Profile page look like the Employee page. In older versions of Odoo there is only a preferences page for Admin. In this we have :


♦Work Information

♦Private Information

♦HR Settings


Install the Odoo13 and then,


Odoo 13 employees install


After installation, click the Admin and we can see the My Profile option :

Admin->My Profile->

My Profile Option in Odoo 13

This is the Admin’s My Profile page:

admin_my profile_preferences

Here we can see the Preferences.

Click the other Options:

Work Information->

My profile work information in Odoo 13

In this window we can see the work information's like :

  • Department
  • Address
  • Organization Chart,etc

Private Information->


Here we can see the all information about the Admin.

HR Settings->

Odoo 13 myprofile HR settings

We can edit all information's by select the Edit-> Button.

To change the password Change password->

My profile password change in Odoo 13

Then password will change.

Explore more by watching the video :


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