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Minimum Stock Rule / Reordering Rule - Odoo


Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Nov. 29, 2016

It is need to be make sure that, the product is in stock which are very popular and have large sail in market. Odoo supports a reordering rule for this kind of products where you will specify the minimum stock quantity that the product can have in the system. This feature allows you to maintain at least minimum qty stock of specified items. The rule is based on virtual quantities and not simply on original quantities.

For example, If you have some demanded items which you don't want to face situation like out of stock or you just want to keep very few quantities in stock always rather than keeping bulk quantities. Odoo minimum stock rule or reordering rule will allows you to create a rule by mentioning minimum qty and maximum qty.

How to set reordering rule ?

  1. Create a product with type as 'stockable'. (Product form -> General Information tab)
  2. Set route as 'buy'. (Product form -> Inventory tab)
  3. Add vendor with minimum qty greater than 0. (Product form -> Inventory tab)
  4. Create reordering rule of the product by mentioning minimum qty, maximum qty and qty multiple. (Product form -> top - right soft buttons)

Steps to to set reordering rule










In reordering rule,

  • Minimum qty -  When the virtual stock goes below this qty, Odoo generates procurement automatically.
  • Maximum qty - This is the qty maintained as forecasted qty when procurement generated.
  • Quantity multiple - Procurement qty is rounded to the multiple of this qty.



When the forecasted quantity is going less than the minimum quantity mentioned in the reordering rule of the product, Odoo automatically generates the procurement, find out the related vendor and generates a draft purchase order. So this feature helps to maintain our stock level seamlessly.


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