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Less Dynamic Preprocessor

Less Dynamic Preprocessor

AdhithOct. 7, 2019

Without CSS, every web page would be plain text and images that flowed straight down the page. With the help of CSS, you can add colour and background images and change the layout of your page — your web pages can feel like works of art!

Why do we need CSS preprocessors?

This is an add-on to standard CSS that extends the standard features, adds some functions

●    Saves your time

Automation saves you time. CSS preprocessors save your time by eliminating repeated codes,with the help of CSS preprocessors we can eliminate many of repeated codes and we can make our codes more readable

●    Re-use across projects

you can copy your file(mixins.scss) over to your new project from the last project. thus making the re usability more easier

●    you can assign CSS values to variables

normally to set color we use hexadecimal value(#91ea42), with the help of preprocessors we can assign this value to a variable and we can use that variable as we need

●    Import feature would help you to split modules or components into different files and hence helping with keeping a large site organized.

Why Do We Choose Less Dynamic Preprocessor

Importance of less Dynamic preprocessor

The main difference between less and other css preprocessor is that less permits real time compilation with the help of less.js by the browser. Now let us have look into less dynamic preprocessor.

Less has some predefined functions and you can also define your functions and can use them throughout the code.

Less compiles faster than any other pre-processor of CSS. It also supports Lazy Loading feature, Lazy loading is the practice of loading expensive resources on-demand. This can greatly reduce the initial startup time for single page web applications. Instead of downloading all the application code and resources before the app starts, they are fetched just-in-time, as needed,i.e. in the file you may define your variables anywhere, like before or after the use of a variable.

Features of less

1.   Less is a CSS pre-processor and after compilation it generates simple CSS.

2.   Less is faster and easier.

3.   Less codes are simple and well organized than CSS

4.   Less supports cross-browser compatibility, means it works in several browsers

5.   Modification/ Updation can be achieved faster because of the Less variables

6.   Less is time-saving as compared to CSS

7.    Coding is faster because the list of operators provided by Less

8.   Use of Mixins resolves the re usability of code and embed all the properties of a class into another class by simply including the class name as one of its properties.

9.   you can reuse your whole classes by referencing them in your rule-set

Less has many mathematical and operational functions, like- darken, lighten

Understanding less

There are two parts for less preprocessor. one is the language part and another one is the compile part. The language part defines the coding section, compile part that compiles the code into standard CSS that a web browser can read and process

many compilers are available for less, That is written in different programming languages(ruby,.net,php,javascript...etc)

Nesting makes clean structure

Code in css


Corresponding code in less


Thus less allows you to nest rule set inside another rule set

We can reuse values with the help of variable

Code in css


Corresponding code in less


Thus we can use the variable to implement re usability with the help of less preprocessor.

Reusing whole classes

With the help of variables we can reuse only single value. But with the help of classes we can reuse multiple values


Corresponding code in less is



It is difficult to define complex codes with CSS. With the help of preprocessors we can handle it more easily, that's the reason why developers choose preprocessor. There are many preprocessors available. Less dynamic preprocessor is different from other preprocessors.

One reason behind this is, Less allows for real-time compilation with less.js by the browser when compared to the others. Less dynamic preprocessor makes CSS maintainable and extendable. It runs inside Node within the browser and inside Rhino. Less is integrated with 3rd party tools that allow you to compile your files. Less helps you do the programming and logic powerfully well.


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