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Lead Mining Request in Odoo 14 Enterprise

Lead Mining Request

MeghaDec. 20, 2020

In any business, getting quality leads is essential for the business growth. Lead mining feature enable us to generate leads from scratch directly from the database. As a company this is a super useful tool, for our growth we don’t want our customers to come to us anymore. Lead mining in odoo 14 will allow us to select criteria for the leads, we generate, selecting the most business based on our country, size, industry, sale team, salesperson and tags. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the odoo 14 lead mining request.

Configuration Of Odoo Lead Mining

First, we can see the different pipelines in the CRM Dashboard view

Pipelines In CRM Dashboard

Secondly, we have to go to Configuration Menu Click on the Settings option, and Activate/enable the” Lead Mining” option.

Activate the  Lead Mining option.

There is a feature in lead mining where we want to purchase some credit. By enabling this, we can also see a new button “GENERATE LEADS”, and click on it.

Generate Leads

When we click on the “GENERATE LEADS” button a new form appears.

New Form In Lead Generation

Inside this form, I need to decide how many leads I want to generate it shown in number 3

We can choose the target between companies and companies and their contact option are available you can see them in the drop-down

We can also have the option to set the countries, states, and industry

We have the option to filter on the size that is we can generate leads between 250 to 1000 employees.

We can specify the sales team, sales person, and tag.

Form specifying sales team, sales person and tag

Then, Fill in the above Mention details and click on the “GENERATE LEADS “button.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6-1-970x220.png

Here we can see the message that we have to purchase some credits.

In conclusion, Lead Mining is a super tool for getting quality leads and helps in the growth to flourish the business. This is how Lead Mining Request works in the enterprise version.

Lead Mining Request In Odoo14

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