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Landed Cost In Odoo 9


Muhamed YasirDec. 31, 2016

Landed Cost is the total price of a product once it has arrived at a buyer's door. The Landed cost includes the original price of the product, all transportation fees (both inland and ocean), customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating, handling and payment fees. All of these components might not be applicable in every shipment, but relevant components must be considered as a part of the landed cost. We have to identify landed cost to decide sale price of product because it will impact on company profits. Odoo supports a feature called Landed cost.  The traditional way of calculating landed cost is adding up all the expenses and divide them equally into the products.

How to Set Landed Cost In Odoo...?

Step 1: Activate the use of the landed costs.

Select Inventory Menu-> Configuration-> Setting-> Accounting-> Select " Include landed costs in product costing computation &Perpetual inventory valuation"-> Apply.

Activate the use of the landed costs in Odoo

Step 2: Choose Costing Method.

Select Purchase Menu-> Configuration-> Setting-> Select Costing Method " Use a 'Fixed', 'Real' or 'Average'  price costing method "-> Apply.

Choose Costing Method

Step 3: Create Landed Cost type.

Select Inventory-> Configuration-> Landed Cost types-> Create.

 Create Landed Cost type

Step 4: Link Landed cost.

Select Inventory-> Inventory Control-> Landed Costs-> Create.

 Link Landed cost

You can select the pickings you want to attribute landed costs . Then Select the account journal in which to post the landed costs.

select the pickings and account journal



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