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Is AWS is best option for Odoo hosting?

Odoo hosting

Sarath lalDec. 12, 2022

Aws is a cloud computing plaftform provided by Amazon that includes Software-as-a-service(SaaS),platform-as-aservice(PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). AWS is separated into different service,each can be configured in different ways based on the user's need.We stronlgy recommend our clients to choose aws for hosting odoo as it is very simple to host and use based on the services we want.

Reasons Why AWS For Odoo? 
1.Reasonable price
2.High availabilty.
4.More Services. 
5.More Data centers.

1.Reasonable price 
You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.Also there will be some free tier fecilities for some duration and after that will be chargable based on the usage.

 2.High availabilty
 There will be different ways to get in touch with AWS support including Sales, Technical, Compliance, and Login support and its available 24/hrs.You can get through chat or email or call with immediate response.

Amazon provides a range of security services and features, including encryption, key management and identity, and access management (IAM), to help you implement your organization’s security also provides firewall for high security from hackers. 

4.More Services 
Nowadays, it is widely used and preferred as a cloud service provider. It provides more than 100 services, including computing, storage, management tools, analytics, deployment, IOT, and much more. All these services are provided under the Amazon portal as per the subscription of the user.

5.More Data centers

 This is where all of the customer’s data is stored, data centres are critical assets for everyday operations.Each Availability Zone consists of several data centres.Fast launching of new databases in all over world.


EBS provides block storage which is similar to hard drives to store any kind of data persistently. This can be attached to any EC2 instance and used as block storage, which even allows you to install any operating system. EBS volumes are placed in availability zones so that they are replicated to prevent loss of data due to single component failures.

 If you host odoo in aws you can upgrade the server as per your requiremnt like RAM ,storage,cpu cores etc.Also there will be backup features that leads to safety and performance.We once again suggest and refer you to chose the best cloud platform for odoo is AWS.



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