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Invoice Policy In Odoo


Muhammed NabeelFeb. 28, 2019

It is very easy to manage different invoicing method for different customers in Odoo. We have two options for invoice policy in Odoo depending on our business,

Invoice on ordered quantity:

  • Invoice the full order as soon as the sales order is confirmed.
  • It is the default mode.

Invoice on delivered quantity:

  • Invoice on what you delivered even if it's a partial delivery.
  • When there is a variation in the quantity, it is better to invoice the actual delivered quantity.

To decide the Invoice Policy In Odoo go to:


Invoice Policy In Odoo

Then create the invoice for the sale orders

invoice for the sale orders in Invoice Policy In Odoo

Select the invoice order

 Select invoice order

Then validate the invoice

validate the invoice

After the validation process, we print the invoice or send it through email. This how the invoicing works simple in Odoo.

Print/send through em

As a top odoo erp partner we can help to solve various modules of odoo & we hope you understood how the invoice policy in odoo.


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