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The Integration between Rental and eCommerce Module in Odoo 16

Rental and eCommerce

Sana KrishnaNov. 21, 2022

Buying expensive products is risky in all business operations, on such situations you can use the option of rented products. People are relying on rented products more these days. From renting space, to furniture, vehicles and more products are available for rent nowadays. By using an easy Rental management system, you can manage these operations effectively for your small or large business equally.

Odoo already have rental management module to ease your business, and now Odoo 16 has introduced a new integration of rental management with ecommerce. Using this new feature your customers can easily get rental services or products directly from Odoo website shop.

Now take the website and click on the Edit button.

Now drag the Rental Search snippet and place where ever we want.

Click on the Calendar icon and select the dates you need and click on the Search button.

After clicking on the Search button, it will redirect to the shop page there we can see the rental period defined there. So, by default you can just refresh the page there is no rental search period there

But you can add it if we want so for that we just need to edit that product page so and activate the date picker here you can also activate the category if you want and that’s it.

Configuring Products in Rental

Go to Rental module to add rental products.

Now click the Product menu button to create rental products.

When we click the Product menu, we will get a new interface. Now click the Create button shown there.

When we click on the Create button we will get a new form view of product, and enter all the required details of your product and enable the “Can be Rented” field.

A new tab “Time based pricing” will be visible then, Click on the tab.

Here you can add the rental periods of your product along with the pricelist and price for the particular time period.

For configuring the rental periods, you need to go to the Configuration menu in Rental module and click on Rental periods.

Click on the Create button to configure your custom rental periods.

Add required details like Name, Duration and Unit in the form and save the data. These configured rental periods can be chosen in the product creation page.

Now click on the “Go to Website” button in the product page to publish the product.

Click on the Publish button to publish your newly created product.

Now the product is Published and will be visible to the Users.

Go to website and select Shop menu and then select your product.

To rent this product select a rental period and search.

Now you can see the selected rental period and total amount. Also, the pricing of the product will be visible in the same page.

Click on Add to Cart button.


Review your order and click on Process Checkout to continue.

Click on Pay Now button to pay and confirm your order

Now the order is confirmed.

Now go to website module and click on eCommerce menu and click on Orders menu to see to all orders.

At first the orders will be filtered as confirmed orders in the list, so first you need to remove the filter


And then you can see the order we just placed for the rent product.Click on this order to see all order details.

Then click on the Confirm button to confirm this order.


Now the order is confirmed

Go to Rental Module take Orders menu there we can see confirmed menu.

In the Rental module, we can see the schedule menu, when we click on the Schedule menu, we will get an interface there we can see schedule rental with zero items.

Now we need to update product quality and go to the Rental module there will be a products menu. Click on the menu select your product and select the update quantity button.


Now click on the Create button to update the quantity. 

Now enter the required quantity and click on the Apply button.

Then it will be applied.

Rental Report

In the Reporting menu, there you can see all the report analysis available in different menus, based on your need you can choose any view from the interface.

You can change the measure in the report, also you can change the price, quantity returned. Also, there are available the group by option.

Using this you can group and view the report. At first the conformed orders and date filter will be selected default. Also, you can change this filter. You can also add different time ranges.


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