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Import Data In Odoo

Import Data In Odoo

AsrayaDec. 18, 2018

Data importing is bringing information that you have saved with another source into your OpenERP Software. It’s far more advantageous to have all your data situated inside one application instead of spreading out through various formats. Data import enables you to make a new database and update an existing database. Import data in Odoo is a useful feature for the Odoo users. While you can manually develop and update profiles one by one, the data import option will save your time if you have a bulk amount of information to add or update.

A data import is a basic method to make several changes to your database at once. The data you need to include or modify is set up on an CSV or Excel format and then used by your database to make the appropriate additions or changes. You have entire control over exactly what happens during each data import and can step through the process in just a couple of minutes.

You can import any information on any Odoo’s business objects using CSV or Excel files. Data import can be used in different cases such as masters upload to Odoo, update records and to add new records. You can preview of your file with mapping, also you can test the import, Odoo will let you know if the import is valid or not. Sometimes the process will show errors. To avoid such errors, you have to be careful while choosing the template.

Main advantages are:

  • It helps reducing data entry and updates time
  • Minimizes incidents of human error
  • Is scalable
  • Requires limited set-up time
  • Offers secure and controlled access

Let's see how to import customer data in Odoo.

For importing the customer data, the first step is to create customer data using CSV or Excel file. You have to create the file with relevant details including customer name, address, contact details, website address etc..

Save the file as Comma Separated (.CSV):

Create customer data using CSV file

Now, let's go back to Odoo. Then click on Sales > Customers > Import:

Return to Odoo for importing the data

Click on Load File:

Click on Load File

Select the appropriate file:

Select the appropriate file for importing the data in Odoo

You can find the details appeared on the screen. Click on Test Import to check the errors in the file. It shows ‘Everything Seems Valid’ if there are no errors.

Click on Import:

check the errors in the file

The new customer was added:

The data you entered in the CSV file will show in the customer details:

Likewise, you can Import Data In Odoo in the data for every field.


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